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"Once again the fact that people think moving away is the answer completely mind boggles me."

It is not "the" answer to the problem, merely a reaction to statism. I agree about family obligations, so stay within range and visit, but completely disagree that staying is the answer. If you are poor, save money as best as possible. Might take a few years, but I would rather be poor in a free state than be poor in shackles in a state of statism. If the people here in California want certain things that I disagree with, so be it. The ballot box is the scoreboard and elections have consequences. Trust me when I say that for sure, it will only get worse here in California for gun owners and never better in my lifetime or my children's and grandchildren's lifetimes. Demographics are another "scoreboard." It is done here, finished. I don't believe the Constitution will be respected. On a national level, I believe the tide has changed for many generations to come, but I believe there will be a few good states around for a few generations. Long term, I'm not optimistic on any level as it relates to personal freedom, especially with firearms, based on world unification.
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