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Believe me, I understand our love affair with handguns, revolvers in general. But I just don't get "handguns" the size, scope and power we're talking about. A 10" S&W .460 weighs in at 5 lbs for Lord's sake, a Guide gun comes in at 7lbs. I can't imagine the S&W carrying any better and quiet possiably worse than the Guide gun. Haven't even gotten into shootability.

Handguns should be handy, not big cumbersome pigs. Ballistics be damned, DA prefered in 4" no more than 6, SA's prefered in 4 3/4" no more than 6 1/2". If you can't obtain the ballistics you need in those barrel lengths from a .460 you need to changing platforms. And IMO that holds true no matter if you're using a .22lr or a big super mag. And the weight! Oh my, who in the heck wants to carry that in any sort of holster?

Unless these BIG handguns get you added seasons like being able to use them during a "primitive" season, it very much seems a case of doing/creating something fo no real reason. A case of someone wondering whether they could instead of if they should.
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