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Smart to leave a state that is lost and move to a state that respects you. Only a fool would stay under the boot of idiot laws if they have a choice. Where I live is so far gone that I'm getting out as soon as I am able.
What about those who are too poor to pick up and move?

What about those giving care to a sick family member or who are themselves not well enough to move? What about the grandparents who live a block away from their grandchildren... they should move away too?

What about those who are the principal in a business built by the blood sweat and tears of their ancestors? They should just forget it all and pick up and move too?

Like I said before, it's funny how no one thought the answer to jim crowe laws was for all the minorities to pick up and leave... I sure as hell don't see the difference except the fact that these laws are aginst the whole population and not just one or several races.

Once again the fact that people think moving away is the answer completely mind boggles me.
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