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Mannlicher M95

Posted this in Rifles but I think this may be a better place.

Looking at a carbine m95 in 8x56r. What do you know of them? I hear that the recoil of the rifle is "epic" and that the cartridge has very good performance. Not familiar with straight pull rifles. How does the bolt lock closed is its straight pull. I cn find plenty of Nazi ammo but I do not know if its re-loadable. As far as the rifle itself are they all Nazi finish? Would a "S" stamp signify that. As with the Mosin from another thread I am looking at a Hungarian made version.
On a side note I have my Great Grandfathers discharge papers (need translating) from his service. He wasnt a good guy from the Allies perspective. I would assume that this is the type of rifle he would have carried. I am trying to find a pic of him in uniform to see if I can identify the gun.
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