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Looking at a Beretta 92FSand 92A1

I have owned a few Glocks and S&W M&Ps in the past 10 years. Both have proven to be work horses and great for carrying. However, I have always had my eye on the Beretta 92 series. They have always been a bit more expensive, so I've just thrown it on the back burner. Well I started looking at em the other day. The 92fs is going for $600-650 around here. And I hadn't even looked at the 92A1 until it was mistakenly handed to me by the rep at my local FFL. I asked to see the 92fs he had and it turns out its a 92A1. Right off the bat, I could see that it was a step above the 92fs. So I did some research an it looks like the differences are the picatinny rail, captive guide rid/spring, recoil buffer, front dovetail site, inclusion of 3 17 round mags, polymer trigger and mag release. I dont think this will be a carry gun, as my smaller and lighter polymer pieces excel at that. Anyway, the price on it is 639 and its new. I was just wondering if you all could give me your opinions on this. Anyone who has a 92fs or 92A1 please chime in. Does this seem like a decent price for the A1 or should I save my money and get the 92fs?
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