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PLEASE, No Sitting on the Fence

One of my biggest concerns is that so many gun owners treasure their liberty but do little or nothing to preserve it. I have argued with gun owners who did not vote. Can you believe this? 2008, 1 of the most important elections in history & I knew 3 gun owners I could not get to vote.

Our liberties are under assault every day, especially Right to Bear Arms. If Right to Bear Arms is lost, other liberties are not far behind.

Please, stay informed on issues & candidates. Do not skip voting, even when candidates are less than ideal.

Write letters to the editor of your local paper, defending the 2A. Respond to & refute letters by others which attack gun ownership. Refute any editorials the paper writes.

Call, fax, email, visit your elected officials. Make sure they hear from you regarding any legislation, good or bad. Tell them what you support and why. Ask why they voted for or against something. Hold their feet to the fire.

Attend symposiums on violence or other events in your communities. Many people there will be against us. They usually know nothing about guns or gun owners. Meet people, be a diplomat, speak against gun control as a crime solution.

Encourage non shooting friends & relatives to take up the sport. Have people over to try out your weapons & learn to shoot. Take a kid hunting. Especially reach out to people of other races & nationalities who may not seek out shooting on their own. Gun owners have tended to be rather secluded in hunting clubs, country clubs, etc. Many people in the US now are immigrants from countries where Right to Bear Arms is a foreign concept. Only police & military have guns where they come from. Minorities from inner city have mostly seen guns as carried by street gangs. They may not have known anyone who hunts or shoots targets. Show them what a great sport it can be.

This one is hard, but try not to get too irritated with people at work or other places who hate guns. Again, they may not have ever known better. Befriend such people if you can. They will be surprised that you are a gun owner and a civilized person. You may change a few hearts & minds. I have managed to soften up a few people over the years. It is worth doing.

Please do all you can to support our national & state level organizations, and local ones if your community has them. Our opponents have worked overtime for years. We cannot afford to rest or let up.

Armatissimi e Liberissimi
Most armed, most free
Remember the American heroes of Flight 93.
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