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brazosdave, you seem to have issues with the idea of hollowpoints for training.

Bear in mind the economics of bulk orders. I would bet that when ordering millions of rounds, the difference in price between FMJ and hollowpoints becomes negligible.

A few years back, a friend of mine took up loading .45ACP, and the best deal he got for bullets was a several thousand round order of Speer GD230.

Meanwhile, a class action suit is already in the works in NY. I just upgraded my Life Membership to Patron status at NRA, and bought a Life Membership in SAF last week. I would suggest others consider doing the same, or supporting whatever effective RKBA organization you like.

For me, if stuck with a 7 round limit, I would normally go with a 1911 and GI type mags. Revolvers for me are more for the woods, or for the wife (who prefers them).

But I would rather spend the money supporting legal actions against this monstrosity of a law, than retooling my magazine inventory.
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