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Again, the mag release change on the MK III was unnecessary on a .22 target/plinking pistol. The heel mag release is secure, and makes sure the mags are fully seated. I really like my MK II era 22/45, but have to take the time to make sure the mags are fully inserted, and I hear an almost inaudable little click or I will have failures to strip the second round from the magazine. It always causes me a little concern as I carry the 22/45 as a woods gun sometimes, so I take the extra time to make sure it is fully inserted. I shouldn't have to do that.

The MK III is too much of a compromise when used MK II's and new Buckmarks are available.
So let me get this straight- it was an unnecessary change, yet you sometimes have problems with your old style one? It's secure, except when it's not?

I never have that problem- put them in, give it a tap, good to go.

And it's a target/plinking pistol, yet you sometimes carry it as a woods gun. Maybe other people have other uses for their MKIII's as well- ever think of that?

Stop bashing the MKIII. It is the SAME GUN as the MKII except for the safety features.
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