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I won't address which rifle, if any, you should buy since that is truly a personal thing. I will address reloading, however. Imo, reloading for rifle is a bit more tricky that pistol because of the increased case prep time, the increased risk since you are dealing with greater powder charges, and the fact that you typically do batch operations. By that I mean, I clean the cases in one batch, deprime and uniform pockets in the next, followed by prime, etc. In pistol reloading, many folks using machines that do all these functions together. If you are only reloading for occasional range use, you may find that reloading rifle is not worth the time.

When I go to the pistol range I shoot 100-150 rounds at that session. On the rifle range I shoot 20-30 and a really good session is 40 rounds. I shoot pistol at each session and rifle at every other range session. Fwiw, I only reload for my milsurp rifles, M1 Garand, Carbine and AR. I don't reload any commercial ammo although the 30.06 could be use in a civilian rifle, of course.
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