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The guy in the white t-shirt is a pro handler and may have been the owner of the place in the shirt... Snake a Tarium Panama City beach Fl...

I can get a "circa" of the place and may even get his name too since the fishing forums I use are up here including PCB...

In this thread by rickyrick from a while back, I show a big ol' bass... But as you see i tried to include a fair est. of length with a tape... I also mention trying to create a pic with "false perspective" but was too wore out from hurriedly haulin' her up from the pond for as pic so I could her released...

If the guy with the big snake I posted in the OP was able he may have held the snake out fully but when they are that big, they are VERY much heavier than they look... The stick is very likely tucked under his left armpit and may not have even been able to hold it where he is with out the additional leverage support...

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