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Why Not?

The other day I was playing around in the the reloading shed, and I necked a .44 mag case down and stoked it with a .357 bullet. A peek in the reloading book shows that case capacity should be slightly less than the .357 Maximum. My question is this...Why have I not seen this before? I'm sure I'm not the only one to make this work, but I've never even heard of a wildcat that looked like this. I think it would be a pretty good cartridge personally, you get the capacity of the .44 mag with a smaller faster bullet (load it with 180 grain bullets?) that still has lots of oomph, all within the .357/.44 cartridge length. I think it would be a decent load for black bear. Out of a rifle barrel I can imagine 30-30 velocity would be easily attainable while chucking a bigger bullet. Thoughts?
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