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Have a then-$700.00 Oly GI-16 (an A1 CAR-15 but with M4 handguards) KISS carbine. Think of it as their A1-uppered "Plinker Plus" - but with an M4 telestock.

Yes; fully forged and machined lower - the days of castings were long over at Oly. And it has M4 feedramps and "properly staked semi-auto bolt carrier", and there is ZERO rattle or play between upper/lower.

I mostly use mine with an M261 .22 kit so as to save money. I use the Oly exclusively, saving my SP1 and restricted-marked LE6920 as investments.

It has worked flawlessly with any mag and ammo I tried and is everything you want in a KISS - except for the heavy barrel mine was built with... Turns out that mine came with their blackend stainless steel 556 heavy barrel as a no extra charge assembly-line substitute - which Oly has been known to do to get them out the door.

Which was a nice surprise - but makes this CAR easily as heavy as a 20" rifle.

Not to complain over a free upgrade, just saying that mine is not the typical pencil-barreled lightweight CAR we first think of.
Be great if I had an RDIAS or LLink or the new "bumpfire" stocks because this barrel is as thick as an M60 barrel and so can take the abuse.

Yes, I'd buy another Oly if I ever felt the need for yet another AR. Their 20" SUM-barreled rifle is supposed to be factory garunteed at an MOA.

ETA: Can't speak to GI-16 accuracy as I am strictly an iron-sighted minute-of-paperplate plinker.
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