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AH, It hit under the snow!

When Nicloe takes the first shot on her Kodiac Island Deer hunt from what looked like a modified kneeling position, Hans calls it a miss! Then, from what is seen and assumed, there is no time spent looking into this shot to verify that it was in fact a miss! Now I could buy this call if there was a spotter with a spotting scope dialed in and a good clean view which sure didn't look the case in this hunt, and Hans without glasses on those 60 year old eyes! Then, "That's alright, That's alright, there will be more".
I didn't like what was shown.
Now a big part of the hunt was the concern about the bears and I can see that, but when there is such a great chance of encounter with a bear even if it isn't as great as what was being portrayed, could there be something done with the entrails to discourage the bear(s) from coming to the dinner bell as was told by fouling the entrails with pepper sprays or ammonia, or something else that might discourage bear from being so eager to dine?
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