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Originally Posted by ATCDoktor
That said, I use Hoppes #9 on the bore, bolt and bolt carrier, oprod and gas tube and have never had a proiblem with corrosion.
You might want to rethink that.

Using Hoppes no 9 to clean after firing corrosive ammo comes up fairly often, and one of the previous times this came up, a guy on Calguns ended up calling Hoppes to get the straight answer. Which was: "No"

The old formula worked fine, the current formula, not so much.

This is backed up by the excellent test did a while back, testing various cleaners on removing salt from test strips of steel.

Introduction here:

The page you want is here (scroll to the bottom):

Hoppes No9 plus is formulated for Black powder, and should work fine on corrosive primers.[/url]
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