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It won't cost a lot of money
Not sure how you figure implementing a secure ID system for 10's to 100's of millions of people from the ground up wouldn't cost a lot of money.

So why not just go ahead and do a background check at the time your ID is issued and if you are of age and clear the check you get your ID and can purchase and posses firearms, if you so desire.
You're suggesting what is effectively a National FOID, not a national ID if it serves no purpose other than to "legitimize" firearms purchases. See below.

The new ID would serve two purposes, it would serve to show that the holder is qualified to purchase firearms and is eligible to vote,
It's called voter registration, already takes care of that problem effectively, voting fraud is often talked about but has never been proven to be a significant issue.

As to the disenfranchised voter argument, the high cost of the ID ($10-$40) for people of limited means could easily be off-set by the savings of eliminating the background check offices in every state which would be replaced by the DMV which is already doing a background check on everyone who applies for an ID
So now you're forcing states to do federal work? You don't happen to remember the issues surrounding the passage of the brady bill do you... See Printz V United States...things will start to sound real familiar as to forcing non-federal people to run background checks in the name of the fed. Furthermore, do you even understand how the current NICS/background check system works? A majority of states do not act as point of contact(meaning they have no background check offices specifically for firearms background checks as you suggest), and many of the states which do run parallel systems already charge a fee, and do not absorb the cost themselves.

Furthermore, you admit there is a high cost to these IDs, yet say it wouldn't cost very much?

Oh, and by the way, any State that feels it is necessary to issue a drivers license to an illegal alien could be required to print a "NO VOTE" symbol as well as a "NO GUNS" symbol on those ID's. Remember, these would be Federal Standard ID's and would have to comply with the Federal Law. As a matter of fact, under the Federal Standard, States probably couldn't issue licenses to illegal immigrants anyway since they wouldn't pass a background check, they have no Social Security numbers.
Remember you don't have to put your SSN on the 4473, furthermore legal aliens are allow to own firearms and they don't have SSNs either. Also are you saying this would be a drivers license too?

Your idea would not be cheap, it would be of explicitly unconstitutional on some levels, and questionably unconstitutional on others. All under the guise of protecting our rights and public safety? Aside from increased mental health reporting, how does what you propose functionally do anything better than the existing systems and at a lesser cost?

they knew that the greatest threat to a free society is a Government run amok.
Yet you openly invite more government intervention that begs further intrusions...
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