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Pezo - check your yellow copy of the yellow purchase permit for one of your pistols - the barrel length is on there. I can remember way back when, when you had to take the handgun in at the time of registration. They had a younger gal who was doing it and she proceeded to list the barrel length one the revolver I was registering incorrectly - I told her that she was incorrect and that the barrel was measured from the muzzle to the opposite end which extended thru the frame and included the forcing cone (she was measuring from muzzle to the front of the frame). She didn't know what a forcing cone even was. I then asked her to get an older officer to come over and I explained to him how she was measuring - he just shook his head and then explained it all out to her for the second time. I've often wondered how many of them that she had processed were in the system with the incorrect barrel lengths on the cards. And no . . . she wasn't blonde.
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