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Case preparation Tips to help achieve the most accuracy out of your rifle!

Ok i'll start by saying i have been reloading for about 6 years now and by no means am i a "proffessional". In saying that i thought i'd share my tips on case prep in hope of some feedback or extra steps that could be taken.

Case Prep:

1: Fire form Quality factory brass
2: De-prime the fired brass
3: Uniform primer pocket(this cuts the primer pocket to the correct depth to help produce better flash consistency)
4: Trim cases to minimum length(i believe this will create equal holding pressure on your projectiles)
5: Uniform and deburr flash hole (most flash holes are punched out in the factory leaving an uneven surface with excess brass protruding on the inside of the case which can result in uneven ignition)
6: Outside Neck turn your brass slightly only to remove high spots on the case neck as no case is perfect(taking too much off the neck can result and case neck separation VERY BAD!! and also reduce the life of your case by overworking it)
7: Clean your brass.. many ways to clean brass but the best i have found by far is ultrasonic cleaners as they remove all the rubbish out of the inside of the case.
8: Sort all your cases into groups by weight with say 1/2 a grain increments.(For me i don't bother with this step unless i absolutely have nothing else at all to do.... or im loading some for benchrest)

Now you only need to do steps 3, 5 and 6 once as once the excess brass is removed its gone forever....

So have i forgotten anything? are there any other tips with case prep that can be shared to help squeeze that last bit of accuracy out of your rifle?
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