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I have heard that they will match prices with other shops, i dont know if it is true though.
Tried that today on some Red Dot powder. Bought some at wally world for $69 for 4#. GM has it for $80. I ask if they price match local suppliers, they say yes, then I mention WalMart and the answer is :"No, because Walmart gets cheaper grades of powder"..After a stunned moment, I looked at the clerk and explained how that would be impossible. He says, "That is what my manager says", and the manager chimes in with "of course it is different, it has different SERIAL numbers". I almost lost my lunch, said loudly how idiotic they were - the counter was full - and walked out. I will never go there again. Their prices a MSRP PLUS 15%, and the clerks are truly ignorant - as dumb as Walmart's.
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