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Does everything have to be about Obama? Let's get back on topic. My reading of the law does not require that existing 10 round magazines be sold. Those over 10 rounds, yes.
I found it incredible that the legislation was declared an "emergency" and rammed through without public hearing or even the normally required 3 day aging period.
There is already legislation being written to repair all the errors made in the bill.
Much of the bill I can live with. The assault weapon definition is ridiculous, and shows the fallacy of defining what an assault weapon is. A .22 with a thumbhole stock is now an assault weapon. What a joke.
The biggest problem is the 7 round magazine rule. I doubt most manufacturers will produce NY only weapons, so I guess the vast majority of handguns will no longer be available.
The background check each time ammunition is purchased is silly. Permits will be "reverified" every five years. Why, if background check every time ammo is purchased? Or, why not just show a valid permit to buy? Most retailers already required this to buy handgun ammo in an erroneous interpretation of present law.
Oh, and I saw nothing in the bill about reloading supplies, period.
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