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Was driving back roads to my folks place one time last spring....stopped and counted 20+ coyotes, 18 red fox, 10 grey fox and 13 what I'm pretty sure were some kind of weasel. All complete and laid out in nice, neat rows on the shoulder next to a corn field without a single house or livestock for 10 miles in any direction. I can see shooting a yote or few around the farm or something to protect you place and animals, but for Petes sake... 5 or six of the red foxes were just little pups, all poorly shot laid out next to a big healthy female... wistfulness and just shameful to boot

Passing freshly shot medium to big bucks with nothing but their heads cut off are a common occurrence out there too. Normally the 2-3 following weeks after the end of firearms and muzzle loader season.
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