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Its rainin like heck here...I'm starting to wonder if somebody around here is loading up an ark and I don't know about it yet...but anyways I managed to get off 18 shots on friday before the rain started and ever since I've been stuck in the house watching my yard get soggier and soggier. My dog is even giving me a look and I think she blames me for the rain since I was out shooting just before the flood started.

So the only way to get my bp fix is sitting here reading about it, I run across this thread and go fix me a nice cup of coffee and start reading about doc hoy baking his revolver in the oven, pahoos aluminum foil blank shot, birchorrs overload set the trash on fire track dog poop all over the house adventure, and mykeals dryball of the year cluster. So I've spit coffee on my monitor twice and had to explain to my wife what I've been laughing at and why mykeals rifle wasn't ""actually" loaded. The dog is still giving me a look and its still raining like heck. Course in 8 years of shooting bp revolvers I've never dryballed, or loaded too much powder in a chamber and couldn't seat the ball or anything like that...

Stepping in dog poop is another story though...
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