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Shaw Barrels

Does anyone here use Shaw rifle barrels?
If so what is your experience with them?

The reason I ask is I have a Savage with a 20 inch heavy barrel in 223, I believe Savage called this their truck gun model.

I wanting to go to a longer barrel and stay with the 223 caliber.
I'm considering either a contour 3.5 heavy varmint or a contour 5 heavy bull, whichever I choose I was planning on having Shaw do their helical fluting on the barrel.

I'm not wanting a bench rest rifle however I would like the rifle to shoot at least half inch groups at 100 yards, that's what it does now with my handloads.

Anyone that can shed some light on what I should exspect from a Shaw barrel, it sure would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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