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I am a resident of NY state with a pistol permit and I have 2 pistols right now. One being a S&W Bodyguard 380 which only comes with a 6rd mag anyways. My other gun is a Ruger SR9C. So if I can no longer possess the 10rd mags that came with it and have to sell them out of state within a year, what if Ruger doesn't start making 7rd mags? Is that a possibility? Then what, I have a gun I paid over $400 for that is a paper weight? What about my friend who is also a LEGAL gun owner and owns a gen 3 Glock 19. He currently has "pre ban" high cap mags for it, meaning pre 1994. Will he be forced to sell these as well? I can't imagine gun manufacturers being too happy about possibly having to make all new magazines specifically for NY state.
The way I see it is you can have them (possible registered) and you can only load 7 rounds.
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