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No, [Obama] he did not create a new law, he simply directed federal law enforcement not to enforce existing ones.

This is a perfect example of my point that Obama lives by his own laws. Obama took an oath of office to uphold all the federal laws of the land. Now you are saying its OK for him to order federal officials to ignor existing law?

Where in the Constitution does it permit the president to selectively inforce existing law?
No, I'm not saying that choosing not to enforce the existing laws is OK, all I'm saying is that there is a difference between enforcing laws selectively and creating new ones through non-existant executive power. If the President could "EO away" anything he liked, he'd not have had so much trouble with Congressional Republicans throughout his first term as such power would make Congress nearly irrelevant. The whole fight over the Affordable Care Act? Unnecessary because he could've just EO'd it. Fiscal Cliff you say? No problem an EO resolves that too. Why fight over the debt ceiling when raising it is but an EO away? You see, if Obama had the kind of power you suggest, I have a hard time believing that he'd have not already used it.
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