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The closest American analog is the 35 Whelen, which uses a 358 diameter bullet instead of the .366~.368 diameter bullet used by the 9.3x62.

The 9.3x62 is eligible to take "Class A" dangerous game in some African countries, notably Zimbabwe. Energy wise and momentum wise it is about 10% less than the 375 Holland and Holland.

It is still an easy conversion, simply screw on a new barrel to an M98 action and set headspace. The 9.3x62 is not a "stopper" round by any stretch of the imagination, but if you only had one rifle to do it all, it would be hard to choose a more well rounded cartridge than the 9.3x62 if you were in a place like Africa, although one hunter I know from Zimbabwe thinks the 338 Win Mag is a better choice for a do anything rifle.

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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