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Just went to my two favorite toy stores today and got the last 300 rounds of 22 CBee's. Also ended up with most of their 16 gauge, apparently not many people shoot it so it was there on the shelf for the picking. Good thing I called ahead and had him save a box of 44 mag for me because what he had was gone when I got there but there was a lot of .243, 45-70, 25-06, and both stores had a few thousand rounds of assorted brands of 22 LR. 12 and 20 gauge. Some dope bought up all his 10 gauge and he hasn't reordered it yet.

Apparently I'm the only one in this county who shoots 25-20 and 10 gauge. Oh well, I have my press and my brass and my dies now so it won't be feast or famine anymore.
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