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I hate jumping into this frying pan, but I have 2 comments / questions...

BTW... I sell at only one local gun show, I do not sell weapons, but rather ammo, reloading components, & hunting stuff I no longer need ( it allows me funds for new purchases )... personally I'd like to bring a gun or two, but the local show I attend, requires a tax I.D. number ( which in essence means I'm a "business" ) my understanding of the laws ( & I'm not a lawyer, & hate that stuff ), is if I'm a business & selling guns without an FFL, then I'm in violation of the law... ( feel free to explain how / why I'm wrong... please )

I bought a gun from a guy a couple tables down from me at that local gun show, several years ago... the guy had 20-30 rifles for sale on his table, but didn't have an FFL, I didn't have to fill out any paperwork on the old Swiss straight pull bolt rifle I bought... it didn't make me nervous buying from him, but I would never put myself, as a seller, in that position ( legally )

my 2nd point, is more of an observation of the proposed changes... how on earth can these guys pass laws, that are in no shape or form enforceable ??? if I were to sell my buddy a gun I had before the ( pre all encompassing registration date ) there would be no record of me owning it, & thus no record of the sale... what motivation would either of us have for going to the gun shop & paying a fee to transfer that unregistered gun??? as an FYI... I "trade in" any handgun to the local FFL, as I want paper trail, that say's I don't own it any more, but that is just not practical on grandpa's shotgun... the proposed law is not inforceable ??? & in fact tempts regular law abiding citizens into becoming fire arms criminals... those passing such laws should be ashamed
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