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the shortage of magazines, ammo ........

still got orders in for hi cap ar mags from sampson mfg. & brownels .
the aggervating part is that they cant answer the phone and are not giving any info , as least as far as i can determine , about when the back orders will ship ...!
i am sure they are overwhelmed but it would be nice to know if these will come in OR not so i can try to purchase elsewhere .

i will not !! pay $1 a round for the 223 ammo . simply refuse to cave into that greed . i have got some and can/will live with what i have on hand . i know, i know , there is always the chance it WILL NOT come back down . BUT if enough people let it sit , the chances are on our side for better days !

what are the rest of your thoughts on this situation with the mags & ammo ? !

i still believe we will c calmer times ahead and i would think these companies will begin to fulfill these demands ....hopefully in a few weeks before some of the new and stupid laws are enacted !!
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