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I find this thread a cross between Chicken Little and buzzard.
MLeake - I love ya like a brother man but - that's honestly a Baghdad Bob type of thing to say.
Coumo's horrid piece of garbage blew through the bi-partisan Senate like grain through a goose - 43-18.
The Assembly isn't nearly as bi-partisan and it would take an event of Biblical proportions to prevent them from passing it.
Cuomo's isn't apt to veto his own baby - so - it's as sure a thing as it gets that within a day or so NY is going to have a 7 round limit.

As a side note - it's far worse once you read the entire text.

Registered Nurses and Social Workers will have the green light to have a person's license suspended.
They fall under the classification of Mental Health Professionals according to the bill.

(P.S. - yeah....I agree somewhat the topic sounds a bit ghoulish....I like revolvers too, but, not at the expense of semi autos)

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