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The Mosin Nagant, pronounced --- "moseen nagon" --- especially the M91-30 "sniper", was the most accurate sniper rifle of WW2.

My almost "true sniper", 1943 "IZZY"{Izhevsk} M91-30, is outfitted with a non-matching serial numbered, PU 3.5x scope. It comes with a non-glare finish Birch stock, that uses sand wheel burnt marks on the stock --- that suggests the mottled camouflage pattern of a tiger shark. It is a beautiful looking rifle, with a slick, buttery fast feed turn down bolt. I figure it's worth about a grand.

Some M91-30 snipers, have the original serial numbers grounded out {many are fake snipers}...mine has the original serial number --- which has been crossed out with a single chisel blow across the serial number --- that is located on the left side of the reciever, above the stock, in the chamber area below the makers crest mark.

This means...the rifle at the factory, was selected for it's accuracy, stamped with the serial number as a designated sniper rifle. After WW2...the scope & mount was removed, and turned into a infantry rifle; with the serial number stamped or grounded out.

The importer --- Century --- recieved the rifle in the United States...thusly, turning the rifle back into a sniper, with the addition of a PU scope & mount.

I have it outfitted with a removable cheek pad.

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