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It's really none of my business how you spend your money, but I'm just kinda curious why anyone would have 2 rifles chambered for 2 calibers that are ballistic "twins"?

Don't the 300 WSM and the 300 Win Mag have almost identical muzzle velocities? And identical bullet weights available?

So my question is - what can one do that the other can't? And vice-versa?

Does one accomodate bullet weights that the other doesn't?

Does one shoot 3/4 inch tighter groups?

Perhaps one is 6 ounces lighter, or 2 inches shorter?

How much difference is there in the amount of recoil between the two?

I just can't see that there is enough difference between the two to warrant buying a second one ($1,000 or so), plus a second Zeiss scope ($400-$600, I would guess).

I'm just saying.

If I had to choose only one of these, it would be the 300 Win Mag, because:

Cheaper ammo
More stores stock 300 WM ammo than 300 WSM
The BOSS allows you to fine tune the accuracy
The BOSS reduces recoil

On the other hand, I know a guy who bought Rem 700 BDL rifles in every chambering available - just because he liked how they looked. He had the money, he had the inkling, so he did it because he could. He was equipped to shoot everything from prairie dogs to elephants, but usually only hunted deer.
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