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I do apologize. I did not mean to imply that i wanted more restrictions to pass. I had heard it passed one chamber and it being New York was a foregone conclusion.

I feel that revolvers have been looked down on, in there service formats, and i feel it is a disservice. My family is protected by a service revolver, and its like picking up a old friend. It has soul, it says, im here and i brought 6 friends to help. Not only that, but its one of the platforms that fits me comfortably.

Strangely the only other platform to fit me well was the Glock and Glock style pistols that lack any controlls. The slide stop on a glock is closer to my thumb then most other pistols.

I truly do hope it gets overturned, as this does sound like the kind of thing the supreme court would over turn. I mean, they basicly made most autopistols out there useless, accept the small ones chambered in crap rounds. Whose size and layout i do not like at all..

It is my hope that, people will look at revolvers there and see a viable and reliable platform for there self defense.
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