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Police Chiefs of any city jurisdiction are beholden to the CITY COUNSEL. The Chief can be replaced at any time if the Chief does not tow the line of the City Counsel. Police Chief is a political position and the chief generally has very little control if the City Counsel or City Manager decide to step in.

This is why I would NEVER work for a City PD.

Sheriff's on the other hand are elected officials and carry absolute power. County Counsels have no say on what the Sheriff must do, only budget controls.

POLICE: Write tickets (another tax levy on the working American), investigate vehicle collisions (not accidents because accidents can be prevented), and must meet ticket quota's in most jurisdictions. YES there are quotas. Officer must write tickets as they generate city revenue!

Deputy Sheriff's generally do not mess with taxing the public (writing tickets) How can anyone get job satisfaction out of writing tickets all day long and working traffic? Suck job! Deputies handle all the red flag type service calls and then some!

Police Chiefs are absolutely inconsistent when controlled by left wing and untrained City Cousel members who know nothing about law enforcement and those City Counsel members generally put Chiefs in place who match thier agenda.

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