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Thinking about buying a rifle and loading bullets

I honestly think i wont do this til im comfortable with loading handgun rounds. I will only be loading 40s&w, 9mm, and 45 acp. 40 s&w is for my m&p compact 40 with viridian tac stobe light (my carry gun), 9mm is for springfield xd9 sub compact, and the 45acp is for my kimber ultra carry II with laser grips. Ive always wanted to have a high powered rifle, but in ohio you cannot hunt whitetais with them therefore i never purchased one. In your opinion should i buy rifle to enjoy it at the range and load new bullets for it? Also if the answer to this question is yes, what would a good rifle and caliber be for whitetail in case i ever get the chance to go to surrounding states to actually hunt whitetails? Money is no object. All firearms will be passed down to my children that hunt.

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