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Hey, I didn't have to leave. I left before I did have to leave. Too many eastern states operate under the principle of "keep your head in the trough and don't squeal." I came back from the service, and was treated like a draft dodger. Then I signed up for the GI bill for some education, but for some reason, the state decided not to participate. Then I went down to the county seat to get a permit for a handgun I already owned, bought in Texas. They considered my request for about two seconds, then told me I didn't need it enough to justify issuance. Then they asked me to bring it in. Bring it to the courthouse! Then I started to get all kinds of huge employment tax bills, all of them at the professional level(degreed). The powers that be issued bench warrants and liens based on these fraudulent claims.Then i started getting rousted by borough cops. I never had an arrest record, not even close. It was not hard to pack my stuff and go. It's funny, because New Mexico sure likes me, and I've had a good life.
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