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The '73 Short Rifle is probably going to be close the same weight & handling charcteristics as the Henry. Easier to use in some ways since you do not have the cartridge follower to contend with for the last couple of shots nor do you have the hot barrel issue as you do with the Henry. Keep in mind that the toggle link action was designed for the lower pressure BP cartridges in use in the 1800's and so, not a good idea to use modern hot loads in them (ie: .357 Magnum). Might be better to use Cowboy Action loads for these style lever guns for safety reasons. As to caliber, I love the .45 Colt and IMHO would be my choice. Also, modern off the shelf .45 Colt ammo is made knowing that most weapons chambered for this round are (1) old Single Actions or modern repros thereof (2) toggle link lever guns and so, I would think would be plenty safe to fire. But that is just my opinion, I am not a gunsmith or "expert" in firearms pressures.
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