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I sent the following to Senator Libous, with whom I have had multiple previous interactions.

Senator Libous,

Having contacted you several times previously and from your historical and recent votes, I know where you stand on the current crop of gun control bills.

I'm writing to ask that you specifically forward a message from me to your democratic or republican colleagues who might vote in favor of these pointless, ineffective new burdens on law-abiding citizens.

My message is this;
I am a small-business owner with two locations and about 10 employees. I have been struggling under the burden of NY taxes and the Obama economy now for 4+ years, barely able to pay bills. I am also an avid hunter and gun owner. If the new proposed gun control laws go into effect, I will be leaving this state at the earliest opportunity. This is not an idle threat. There is nothing keeping me here any longer. The democratic controlled economy is stifling nationwide but there are better places that still believe in some semblance of freedom. I have already made the first steps to sell/liquidate all business assets and will continue the process to divest all assets in this state and move to a better place.

This state, and I fear the nation, on the matters of liberty, morality and finances, is now on a path to insolvency and I fear it is too late for corrections.

Sadly, rather than making course corrections, the political machine, lead by the democratic party, is bent on driving us into disaster faster and more efficiently.

This new crop of "gun control" measures is just more of the same. It will not stop violence. It will only serve to further degrade the liberty of law-abiding citizens. It is shameful.

I am proud of the history of NY State and this great nation but the current condition of both is an embarrassment.


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