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@ Ben and NJ: I looked up their ages and posted this on another gun forum the other day.

The 5 that votes in favor of Heller and McDonald

John Robers: Age 57 (Safe)
Sam Alito: Age 62 (Safe)
Antonin Scalia: Age 76 (Getting a little old...)
Anthony Kenedy: Age 76 (again getting kind of old)
Clearence Thomas: Age 64 (Safe).

Mind you, add as many as 4 years to those ages before Obama is out of office. We have two justices who will be 80, one in late 60's, one in mid 60's and one early 60's.
Yep, and the average life expectancy in the U.S. for a male is 75.35. They... WE are on borrowed time for 2 of those.
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