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I personally believe gun manufacturers could have the biggest impact on legislation like this.

"Civilians can't own em? Fine then NO ONE can."

Instead of modifying their weapons to qualify they need to refuse to sell their pistols, rifles, mags at all. Wait until local residents hear about that? Imagine what the PDs would do when they cannot purchase ARs or 30 round mags for their patrol cars or SWAT, enjoy those 7 rounders guys! Much like Barrett did. Now I know that it would require ALOT of companies to cooperate, I realize it would hurt the gun companies profits but IMO, if gun companies keep submitting to all these demands then they are just slowing allowing anti-gunners to take their consumer base and industry apart little by little.

Now I know a lot of you would disagree with this method but I really think something like this is NEEDED by the gun industry, this would really wake people up.

I'm sure the antis would be thrilled until the backlash came. How many people would move? How many PDs would complain when they require new weapons or mags? so on and so forth.
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