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It appears as though Garands will become illegal, forcing their sale out of state or confiscation by the State.
I believe that Garands should be exempt because they "CANNOT ACCEPT A DETACHABLE MAGAZINE THAT HOLDS MORE THAN FIVE ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION" [S.37.22(G)(II)]

It appears from reading the law that Garand 8rd clips may be exempt due to potential Curio & Relic status. HOWEVER... this is a big "if" because the NY law defines certain "ammunition feeding devices" as Curios & Relics rather than firearms! The NY definition seems to rely solely on the 50-year-old rule- there's no apparent provision for military, historically significant, and/or specifically listed ammunition feeding devices, nor any exemptions from the NFA. Furthermore, the ammunition feeding device is only exempt if it cannot be used in a newer firearm AND is registered!

How are you supposed to prove that a non-serialized 8rd clip is over 50 years old and then register it?
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