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finished mosin project

well this was a test fitting as i have not set the brass stacker mount, its just for show, i will be using a blow torch to heat the solder holding pins in place and try to put the new ones in which will allow me to mount the scope mount. i will keep the old pins so i can swap but i actually like the new ones as they can be tightened or loosened.( i tried to hammer the pins out but to no avail)

so far i have a red dot scope i borrowed from my dad on the rail to show what it would look like with a scope mounted on the rail. rail is pitcany, and has good length(not to long and not to short, even allows you to have a scope close to your eye if you want, im going to place a scout scope on it, i really want illuminated ones as i want the mosin to be a night shooting rifle but thats a quirk
with this setup i will total the mosin mods

brass stacker mount 59$(tax and shipping free)
boyds stock 103$(tax, ect)
ncstar precision bipod 27.99$
black powder claw sling 20$
total 209.99 + 98 (mosin itself)
toal= 307.99
for a full modded sporter that does 1 inch groups or better, without permanent mods i havent found a better deal, for a rifle this is a great setup for a mosin nagant 91/31

and even just doing the scope mount and a 20$ ncstar pistol scope you will tighten the group more than anything. now my mosin still can shoot with irons via the brass stacker mount(this is why i wanted it), this mosin on irons does better than most and was a great find as a first mosin, and is why i wanted a non permanent mods so that i can switch to its historic form.

with these equipment and the steps i have laid out anyone can try to sport their mosin at a low cost.

and just getting the boyds stock tightens the group and its a drop in stock, unless you have a m44 this stock isnt an issue.

below are test fitting pics.
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