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It will almost immediately be challenged in court. The Heller decision protects the ownership of handguns, and of weapons "in common use."

Now, does a 10-round cap violate that? Perhaps not. But nobody makes 7-round mags for the Glock 17, the Beretta 92, the Sig P226, the Ruger P95, or any other major service pistol. Cuomo's proposal would effectively ban hundreds of service pistols in common use, and the Supreme Court would be none too pleased to see him flouting their verdict.
@Tom: That is assuming that by the time this reaches the SCOTUS one of the justices who ruled in our favor in Heller or McDonald has not been replaced by another activist zealot. Remember those two cases were 5-4 cases. Every major gun case in the last few years has been a 5-4 case. With one little change they could be 4-5 cases...
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