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Also there are Hungarian Steyr M95's out there for a lot cheaper than that in 8X56R.
True, but ammo availability can be a problem, and it won't be as cheap as 7.62X54R

What links do you guys have for collector type guns? I checked out and they have some very nice Hungarian Feg shotguns.
Aside from the Auction sites, Simpson has the widest selection that I have seen.

Liberty Tree usually has a decent selection:

Unfortunately they suck at removing sold rifles from Inventory, a lot of what is listed you click on the link and it says "SOLD".

RC Arms used to have a good variety of surplus rifles, but it has been less lately:

If you don't have a C&R FFL, do yourself a favor and get one. It is $30 for 3 years, you get dealer pricing from several vendors (Brownells, Midway, Graffs) and can have any C&R firearm shipped direct to your door (barring any state/local laws against it, that is).

Is the Hungarian M44 you are looking at local to you? Is that an out-the-door price? I am willing to pay a little more for a rifle I can see in person than photos on the internet, plus no shipping or transfer fees.
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