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Congrats NY, you guys now have the worst gun law in the nation. Worse(for now) than California or NJ. On the plus side if CT gets their way only single shot guns will be legal so you guys will no longer be the worst; either way I am sure California will find a way to outdo everyone.

I feel for you guys being an Illinois resident. My father grew up in NYC and I have visited often, I love it up state. It is a shame to see you guys getting screwed over like this.
Get ready for the legal fight.
A Couple of years of hardship and hopefully the SCOTUS tosses this BS out.

The scary part is in places like Illinois the talk is simply people won't register their firearms if something like this is passed, screw the establishment. They don't have the man power here to come after you.
I know for a fact NYC does, for years after my father left NY in the 70's the police would go to his old address (his parents home) asking if he was there, if the guns were there, why he didn't renew his registration etc. This went on for several years before someone finally believed he had moved out of the state.

The only thing you can do now is get ready to PUNISH and I mean PUNISH Hard any legislator from up state who votes for this. 1 year and 10 months seems like a long time but hopefully you can get some of the people voting for this out in 2014.

Side note; does NY use its own system for background checks like Colorado or do they use the national database? The thing not discussed yet here is this is going to put an exponential strain on the system either way.

I am kind of flabbergasted by this legislation. In terms of restrictions, NY residents are arguably better off if they were to move to Canada.
If memory serves in Canada they have all kinds of cool guns we can't currently import like the Tavor. So yes, compared to Canada NY is downright tyrannical
"....The swords of others will set you your limits".

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