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There is also Sharpshoot'R's Wipe-Out No-Lead. You put it in the bore and let it sit for an hour and it actually reacts with the lead to turn it into a crumbly black substance that patches out with a cloth patch.

To get revolvers to shoot with best accuracy can take a little bit of work. With any cast bullet gun you want to slug the bore to learn its groove diameter. For a revolver you also want to slug every chamber and make sure they are uniform within a half thousandth or so and that they are all at least a thousandth bigger than the groove diameter of your barrel. One and a half thousandths bigger is ideal for commercial cast bullets, which are 0.001" over standard groove diameter. Two and half thousandths bigger is ideal for cast bullets you size 0.002" over groove diameter (most accurate in my revolvers).

If you don't know how to slug a barrel search this site. Ignore the YouTube Commanders who use calipers and get an OD thimble micrometer for this so you can get better precision and resolve tenths of a thousandth. If you have a 5 groove barrel you can send them to Matt Dardas for measuring.

If you have any kind of constriction in your bore (common in revolvers where the barrel screws into the frame), you need to remove it by firelapping or else you at least need to polish the bore well in the constricted area so it can bump back up after passing the constriction without gas bypass. Gas bypass causes leading and bullet base asymmetry which is pretty hard on accuracy. This article is helpful.
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