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Death of the 5.7 X 28 ???

I know I used to buy this at Cabela's... current panic not withstanding, they no longer have a place for it on their shelves... I asked customer service, & the gal I talked to said she couldn't find a listing on the computer??? wondering if some of us with guns are going to have high priced "hammers" if any kind of ban goes through, or if you guys think FN will find some way to offer ammo for sale down the road, after all the panic buying ends ??? if they ban internet sales, it could make getting ammo pretty tough locally, if the LGS's aren't stocking it anymore...

I can always reload, but reloading this caliber is tough & time consuming, & case life is very short... had heard Starline was going to offer cases, but was on their web site yesterday, & I could find no mention ???

thoughts ???
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