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At the risk of sounding stupid or reposting someone else's thoughts, I was always taught that the gist of the 2nd Amendment was "to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms, in order to protect themselves from threats from foreign enemies and more importantly, against a tyrannical government."
I was never taught to view arms as only "guns" but as "anything" that one could use to defend themselves with.
Meaning, the people should have equal access to "whatever" the military has so that we are able to posses the ability to keep the government in check and prevent it from abusing its power.

Since "arms" can mean anything, this means its not just limited to guns, but can mean access to the same level of training, right to own the same type of vehicles, etc.

So, if the military is armed with the best butter knives ever designed, we the people, should have equal access to said butter knives.

Now, with that being said, I wonder how the evolution of weapons would have differed if everyone had access to the same weapons instead of a select few deciding who has what and how many. Just a thought.
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