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Originally Posted by hodaka
I recommend that you wait until summer and pick up one that is six months
Aint going to happen. Plain and simple.

They aren't going to go down in price at all. If anything, they will go up in price as any AR-15's that are still marketable will have to comply with AWB compliance rules which ALWAYS raises the price.

Another point is IF the Obama administration and the rest of the Liberal anti-gun nuts have their ways...Ar-15s that are NOT purchased prior to their new laws going into effect on "Assault Weapons" won't get sold to the public...not without some MAJOR hoops to jump through. ....ALL of which will increase prices...IF...IF...they will be allowed to be sold/purchased if the Dem's have their way.

The best option is to buy used now for the best price possible or have one ordered and just wait out the "build time" to get it. At least then if any new laws go into effect, you will have already purchased it prior to the new law and will be "Grandfathered" in. That's the whole reason AR sales are so high...everyone is trying to get their "dream" AR that they may have been dragging their feet to purchase to get it bought and "grandfathered" before a law blocks them.
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