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yep... strength of load...
match of chamber to dies... often times, if you have a loose chamber, case life is shortened ( happens most on milsurp, but can happen on others )
crimp style, & extent... the brass will last longer with a light taper crimp, than with a heavy roll crimp
brand of brass / alloy... some brands of brass last longer than others, often cheaper import brass cases are more brittle

shortest case life that I reload is 5.7 X 28, the blow back action of the gun forces the shoulder forward each time it's fired, I lose maybe 1 in 10 on 1st load, 3 in 10 on 2nd load, 6 in 10 on 3rd load... most I get... I have 38 special with taper crimp, that have been loaded more than 15 times
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