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NY Proposed Legislation Looks BAD

Looks as if NY residents are going to have it very, very rough if this legislation passes.

* ban on pre 1994 mags with cap of 11 or more
* ban on mags over 7 rounds
* background checks on all ammo purchases
* mental health reporting which is to be checked against the (new??) gun registry database
* 1 feature test for AW. Bushmaster AR banned by name* 10 round mags to be grandfathered in but may only be loaded with 7 rounds (read elsewhere this will be a misdemeanor)
* all sales of ammo from registered ammo dealers to be reported to local police
* background check on all ammo purcahses
* ban of direct internet ammo purchases
* ammo purchases to go through FFL
* five year renewable registration for AW and handguns
"When the people fear the govt there is tyranny, when the govt fears the people there is liberty."
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